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Before & After Party Cleaning

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Are you hosting a gathering of 50 or less and you are concerned about before party set up and after party clean up?

We can help with the set up prior to the party and clean up thereafter.  Whether it’s a baby or bridal shower, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, birthday, book club, Christening, dinner party, engagement, sports party, etc. we can assist.

For light set up and after party cleaning (including assistance with service to guests) our rates are $40 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. 

***If you would require the house or party area cleaned prior to the party, that rate would be different.

Give us a call at 301-322-7112 to discuss your needs!


Never Feel Guilty About Hiring a Company to Clean Your Home!

By Cathy Green

At lest 20% of the people who call and/or hire my company express to me the guilt they feel in not cleaning their own home, but in hiring a company to do so on their behalf.

If you are having such feelings, I’d say let it go. Most of us did more than our share of cleaning as we were growing up and when we were in college. Enough is enough!

Who wouldn’t want to free up their time by paying someone else to clean on their behalf? Let’s face it. Most of us are simply too busy to clean a house. Very few people want to spend their spare time cleaning a house when that time can be better spent relaxing, resting, giving quality time to family or socializing. 

Another advantage that professional cleaning companies have over residents who clean their own homes is that professional cleaners clean the entire home at once, doing a better job!  

When people are cleaning their own homes, they generally will clean a few rooms, then get tired and stop. Very seldom do people clean their entire homes.

Let go of the guilt. Budget for a cleaning service. It’s no longer a “guilty pleasure” to have your home cleaned by professionals. It’s a deserved luxury!

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UpperCrust Maids’ Client Newsletter Now Available

By:  Lynn Green

There is an online newsletter available called “Constant Contact” which I thought seriously about obtaining for my clients.  It allows business owners to create a professional newsletter as a way to stay in touch with clients. Let’s face it, people enjoy staying informed and knowing that the companies they utilize actually care something about them!

After careful thought, however, I realized that there is so much on line now [including blogs and websites] that many people miss the feeling of actually holding a book in their hand or of sitting down with a newsletter on the subway train or in the hairdresser’s to simply read in comfort.

Therefore, I have decided that the newsletter I produce will be sent directly to clients’ homes and will be produced quartery—as the seasons change.  Included in the newsletter will be coupons not found anywhere else, gift certificates, articles and cleaning tips.

One thing is for sure. UpperCrust Maids is probably the only cleaning service in this area producing an exclusive newsletter for clients!

Are you looking for a cleaning service that goes above and beyond all the others?  Then look no further. Call us today at 301-322-7112 and get the ball rolling with superior cleaning service as well as outstanding customer service!

Cleaning Your Stainless Steel

By Cathy Green

Have you ever looked at your stainless steel refrigerator or other appliance and determined that you were unwilling to wait for your cleaning service to come clean it and that you wanted to go ahead and clean it?

And then…you realize that your stainless steel cleaner is empty.  So what do you do?  I will share a secret with you!

An old fashioned vinegar-water solution will work just fine.  Just spray some on a soft cloth and take your time cleaning the appliance.  Be sure to go in the direction of the grain!  The end result will please you, trust me.

Terrycloth and Microfiber Mops for More Effective Cleaning

By: Cathy Green

String mops are going the way of the dinosaur, at least here at UpperCrust Maids. We do use industrial quality string mops on very large surfaces and basements, in conjunction with yellow buckets. We also use the old fashioned string mops in spaces that are muddy or particularly dirty.

Other than on large surfaces, we use microfiber mops and terrycloth covered mops for floors in homes. Terrycloth mops are great on wood, ceramic, vinyl and linoleum floors.

What I love about these mops is that instead of sticking an old fashioned string mop down into dirty water, you now have the convenience of simply spraying your washing solution on the floor (such as, vinegar/water solution for wood floors)and then mopping away! It cuts down on cleaning time significantly. And the cotton covers of course are washable. In addition, the swivel base of these mops are able to fit under spaces as low as 2.5 inches—and swivels to fit between tight spaces.

Unlike string mops, that generally leave debris all over the place, the cotton and microfiber mops act as dust magnets. Even if you are having a cleaning company in to take care of your space, I would advise you to have some of these mops handy in your home.

Microfiber mops are super absorbent and can hold six times their weight in water. They can be used to dust wall and floors with the dry pads and you can use the wet pads to mop the floors. 

Yes, the string mops have had their day. But it’s a new day. Two thumbs up to microfiber and terrycloth mops!








Parking Problems in DC, Chevy Chase, and Bethesda

  UpperCrustMaids, LLC will gladly service any area of DC or Maryland that falls within our service area; however, please note that there are three particular areas that oftentimes present a parking problem:

a.  Washington, DC

b.  Bethesda

c.  Chevy Chase          


Parking in certain areas of those three towns is often difficult and consequently, in many cases, the cleaning techs have to walk a distance to get to clients’ homes.

If you live in an area that has parking issues, please note that the cleaning techs will not be able to carry vacuum cleaners, mops and brooms to get to you. Consequently, we make the following requests:

a.  Be certain to have a working vacuum cleaner in your home (if anything needs vacuuming)

b.  Be certain to have a mop, bucket and broom in your home

The cleaning techs will bring cleaning supplies such as rags and natural cleaning products. However, we would not expect them to try to carry anything else to your home.  Thanks for understanding!

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