Parking Problems in DC, Chevy Chase, and Bethesda

  UpperCrustMaids, LLC will gladly service any area of DC or Maryland that falls within our service area; however, please note that there are three particular areas that oftentimes present a parking problem:

a.  Washington, DC

b.  Bethesda

c.  Chevy Chase          


Parking in certain areas of those three towns is often difficult and consequently, in many cases, the cleaning techs have to walk a distance to get to clients’ homes.

If you live in an area that has parking issues, please note that the cleaning techs will not be able to carry vacuum cleaners, mops and brooms to get to you. Consequently, we make the following requests:

a.  Be certain to have a working vacuum cleaner in your home (if anything needs vacuuming)

b.  Be certain to have a mop, bucket and broom in your home

The cleaning techs will bring cleaning supplies such as rags and natural cleaning products. However, we would not expect them to try to carry anything else to your home.  Thanks for understanding!

Schedule your cleaning today:  301-322-7112


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