Never Feel Guilty About Hiring a Company to Clean Your Home!

By Cathy Green

At lest 20% of the people who call and/or hire my company express to me the guilt they feel in not cleaning their own home, but in hiring a company to do so on their behalf.

If you are having such feelings, I’d say let it go. Most of us did more than our share of cleaning as we were growing up and when we were in college. Enough is enough!

Who wouldn’t want to free up their time by paying someone else to clean on their behalf? Let’s face it. Most of us are simply too busy to clean a house. Very few people want to spend their spare time cleaning a house when that time can be better spent relaxing, resting, giving quality time to family or socializing. 

Another advantage that professional cleaning companies have over residents who clean their own homes is that professional cleaners clean the entire home at once, doing a better job!  

When people are cleaning their own homes, they generally will clean a few rooms, then get tired and stop. Very seldom do people clean their entire homes.

Let go of the guilt. Budget for a cleaning service. It’s no longer a “guilty pleasure” to have your home cleaned by professionals. It’s a deserved luxury!

Give us a call:  301-322-7112


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