UpperCrust Maids’ Client Newsletter Now Available

By:  Lynn Green

There is an online newsletter available called “Constant Contact” which I thought seriously about obtaining for my clients.  It allows business owners to create a professional newsletter as a way to stay in touch with clients. Let’s face it, people enjoy staying informed and knowing that the companies they utilize actually care something about them!

After careful thought, however, I realized that there is so much on line now [including blogs and websites] that many people miss the feeling of actually holding a book in their hand or of sitting down with a newsletter on the subway train or in the hairdresser’s to simply read in comfort.

Therefore, I have decided that the newsletter I produce will be sent directly to clients’ homes and will be produced quartery—as the seasons change.  Included in the newsletter will be coupons not found anywhere else, gift certificates, articles and cleaning tips.

One thing is for sure. UpperCrust Maids is probably the only cleaning service in this area producing an exclusive newsletter for clients!

Are you looking for a cleaning service that goes above and beyond all the others?  Then look no further. Call us today at 301-322-7112 and get the ball rolling with superior cleaning service as well as outstanding customer service!


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