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Training cleaning techs

When you are searching out a cleaning company, there are several questions you should ask:

1.  Is your company insured?

2.  What types of  insurance do you carry (they should carry Worker’s Comp, Liability and Bonding insurance)

3.  Have your employees been trained?

4.  Do you complete in-home estimates before sending out techs to clean the home?

Be careful to only hire real businesses that are insured.  If they are not insured, you will be held responsible if their employee(s) get hurt in your home and if anyone steals from you or breaks an item in your home, you would have very little recourse.  So only hire insured companies.

Secondly, be certain that the company you work with actually trains its cleaning techs.  To be honest with you, the reason most cleaning companies fail is because it is very difficult to find good help.  It’s also difficult to find someone who is truly cut out to clean homes.

House cleaning involves a great deal of skill and hard labor.  I have personally hired and fired at least 15 different employees over the past couple of years.  Not all of them were bad people.  It’s just that not everyone is cut out to do this type of work.

Lately I have not had to fire anyone. Why?  Because I am now better at choosing employees and I have discovered that the more training employees receive, the better employees they make.

I have a trainer who teaches new employees and I personally train new employees.  It takes at least 6 months to get an employee fully trained in expertly cleaning a home.  There is sooooo much for them to learn and it must be taught over a period of time.  Expertly cleaning a bathroom requires a different skill than expertly cleaning a kitchen, for example.  Making a bed with a regular blanket is different from making a bed with a Duvet cover that needs to be changed.

Professional house cleaning can be overwhelming.  Therefore, employees must be taught a systematic, top to bottom method of cleaning.  And they are literally cleaning the entire home within 3 – 3.5 hours.  That’s not easy.

My advice to consumers is to inquire as to whether or not the cleaning company you are considering hiring has actually trained their employees.  Many, many companies literally send folks into homes untrained and with the assumption that “anybody” can go in and clean a home.  Not so.

Be aware that if you hire a company that employees untrained workers, you will ultimately need to fire that company and search out a different one.

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UpperCrust Maids Cleaning Academy

By:  Cathy Green

     House cleaning may appear to some to be an easy task but I assure you that professional house cleaning is far from easy when it is done correctly.

When people clean their own homes, 99% of them will target one or two rooms at a time. Very few people will clean their entire home in one session. Yet, employees of cleaning companies clean the entire home at once.

Because of  how overwhelming it can be to take on such a task, any cleaning company worth its salt will teach and provide ongoing training to its staff.

This company has created the UpperCrust Cleaning Academy and every employee is required to undergo extensive and ongoing training. They are trained in each aspect of house cleaning and taught what to look for in a home.

The Training Academy is an ongoing process and after the initial 3 month period where the most intense training takes place—there is updated training based on situations that arise. Training never officially ends because we want to perfect the art of professional house cleaning.

We also are on a continuous search for the best products and equipment to use in clients’ homes. And as we make changes, our employees are re-trained.

UpperCrust Maids, LLC is not a “perfect” company and never will be. However, our goal is to strive for perfection and to live up to our motto: White Glove Service on Us!

So when you hire us, rest assured that trained staff are in your home giving it the best cleaning they possibly can.