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Unregistered House Cleaner Brags About Not Being Insured

Below is an actual post that I saw on a public forum:

I love running my own business. No insurance, no taxes, no supplies…just me & whoever I can find. When I price them too low, I start giving them less time. When I find someone who will pay more I take that job, and stop going to the cheapskates. Just act real nice and your customers will take care of you. They are afraid that they might come off as arrogant. Once you got this, you can do just about anything at that house.

Posted by Maria on 12:30 PM May 07, 2008

That is a real letter from someone referring to herself as “Maria”. She posted it to an open forum on May 7th, 2008.

Let’s look at her letter, inch by inch:

a. “No insurance, no taxes, no supplies…just me and whoever I can find”

Maria repesents a huge number of fly-by-night scabs who slip into the homes of people who are trying to save a few bucks. Maria brags that she has no insurance. That means, of course, that if she break something or steals something, the homeowner will have no recourse.  And because she has no Workers Comp insurance, she can sue the homeowner if she gets hurt in their home.

Then Maria brags about not paying taxes. That means that she requires cash only payments from her clients so there will be no paper trail. And it’s possible that she is in this country illegally.  Finally, Maria boasts about having no supplies or equipment. That means that she uses whatever the homeowners have in their homes.

The scariest part of what Maria said is that she brings along “whoever” she can find. That means that a rapist, murderer or thief could be walking around in her clients’ homes under the guise of “cleaning”.

b. “When I find someone who will pay more, I take that job and stop going to the cheapskates.”

Interesting. She is not dependable, does not care about those who are paying her, and pretty much is admitting that she will leave her customers high and dry.

I’ll repeat a third time. This is a real letter from a real scab service. It frightens me to think that people are actually paying money to allow these scary people into their homes.

Sure, hiring Maria will save money because Maria will charge half of what a real cleaning company will charge. A real cleaning company may charge $250 to deep clean an 1,800 square foot home, whereas Maria may charge $100 or less for the same job. A real cleaning company may charge $85 every two weeks to clean an apartment, whereas Maria will charge $45 or less for the same job.

But what good is it to pay even a penny to an unqualified person who is not legally in business—who will bring criminals into the home and use all the client’s products? Why would anyone risk being sued by Maria if she gets hurt in their home? Why would anyone risk having their property stolen by Maria and/or her pals? Or why would anyone risk…

…You get the picture.

Are you searching for a real cleaning company? Pick up the phone and call UpperCrust Maids, LLC.   Dial 301-322-7112. Yes, I will charge you more than Maria would ever dream of charging…but I’m truly in business and Maria is a scam artist!

By the way, if you don’t believe that’s a real letter, PRESS HERE and look in the “comments” section.


Fake “House Cleaner” Robs House of $40,000 in Jewelry

A serious tragedy occurred in Florida recently. A man hired a woman from Craig’s List who claimed to specialize in “nude cleaning”. It just so happens that the man’s wife was out of town (of course) when the man chose to bring the so called nude cleaner into his home.

He claimed that he left her alone in his bedroom to clean. What happened was that she stole $40,000 worth of his wife’s jewelry—and the man’s wife is going to divorce him.

Please note the following:

a. Anyone can post a note to an open list and claim to be a cleaning service, but why would a person allow such an individual into their home?

b. Be veeeeeery cautious about who you allow into your home, as your home truly is your sanctuary.

Look for the following when choosing a maid service:

Interview the person over the phone and ask the following questions:

a. How long have you been in business?

b. Is your company insured?

***If the person says “yes”, ask the following:

c. What types of insurance do you have?

The person SHOULD respond as follows:

Liability insurance, bonding insurance and Workers Comp insurance

IF the person does not name those three, thank them for their time, hang up, and move on. Be careful not to ask a “yes/no” question about insurance (such as “do you have liability insurance…”) because doing so will simply cause them to answer yes. If you ask the question in an open ended manner, you will get a more honest response.

The reason the potential cleaning company must have the three insurance types above is as follows:


– Protects the home owner’s expensive property in cases where that property was damaged or broken. 


– This protects you in case someone steals from your home. You would first have to take the case to court, to prove the person guilty. If found guilty, you win a judgment.

    Workers Comp

– Every legitimate cleaning company should carry this type of insurance to cover them in case of serious injury in a home.  Without it, if  a cleaning tech is injured in your home, they can sue you personally.

Next, you should ask about the types of products that the company uses. Ask whether or not their employees have passed background checks. Ask whether or not there is a website you can visit. Look for a track record of competence. Ensure it’s a real cleaning company, as opposed to a scab service entering your home.

Fortunately for you, you have found UpperCrust Maids, LLC. Yes, we have liability, bonding and Workers Comp insurance. Yes, our employees have passed background checks. We use environmentally friendly products. We have a website and blog.

We have a positive track record and are highly rated on Angie’s List, a consumer list for people searching out reputable companies.

Give us a call today and we will schedule a time to do an in home estimate for you! 301-322-7112

House Cleaning: We Get What We Pay For

I spoke recently to a woman who lives in a 3,513 square foot home. If you are not really familiar with sqare feet, trust me when I say that that’s a huge home. The woman had called me because she wanted to know my company’s house cleaning prices.

After I gave her an estimate, she exclaimed, “I’d never pay that much!” And she went on to explain that she had been using a woman (who is now in the hospital ill) who cleaned her home every two weeks for about $30 each visit.

I inquired as to whether or not the woman was insured, bonded or even registered as a business in her state. The woman told me “no”. It was at that point that I explained to her that the reason the woman is able to charge her dirt cheap prices is because:

a. The woman is charging cash and paying no taxes

b. The woman is not a real cleaning business

c. If the woman ever gets hurt in her home, she has no insurance, and will sue the home owner

d. If the woman ever breaks an expensive item in the home, she will have no way of replacing it because again, she has no insurance to cover such things

In short, I wanted the woman to know that no authentic cleaning service would clean a 3,513 square foot mini-mansion for $30. And in fact, it is next to impossible for a woman to clean such a huge home alone. I am 100% positive that no “deep” cleaning of that home has ever taken place. The cleaner more than likely enters the home, vacuums, mops, dusts a few items and leaves with her $30 cash.

On the surface, the home appears clean. In actuality, it’s just as dirty as it always has been. Deep cleaning includes so much more than a simple quick vacuuming and dusting.

If you are thinking of hiring a cheap, off the street cleaning person, think twice. It actually is dangerous. Check the story below:

A registered sex offender was arrested after a Mesa home was robbed during a house-cleaning Wednesday, police said.

The home was recently purchased and being cleaned before the homebuyer, Bart Passey, completely moved in this weekend.

About $3,700 worth of property was taken from the home, Mesa police said.

It’s pretty scary, Passey said of the incident. He said the cleaners were found by the previous homeowner on the Internet using craigslist.

Daniel Roman, 45, of Phoenix was arrested Wednesday evening after he was found to be in the possession of stolen goods from the home, police said. Roman has been convicted numerous times, including for rape and armed robbery.

The cleaners, which included Roman, his wife and granddaughter, arrived at the North Raven Avenue home at 3 p.m. Wednesday, police said. They entered the home through the garage using the keypad, Passey said.

The previous homeowner received a phone call about 5:30 p.m. from the cleaners asking to be paid in cash at a different location, police said. The person was suspicious of the demand and asked Passey to check on the home, police said.

Passey found some items were missing, including two guns and a laptop computer. He said he also found items moved outside, including two other guns.

They were trying to stage a backyard scene, said Passey, who called police.

Authorities arrived at the payment location and questioned Roman. Police said he told them he stole the goods and that they were inside his vehicle.

He was caught red-handed, Passey said.

Roman faces three Class 4 felonies, including a theft charge and two charges of misconduct with a weapon, police said.



Hiring a REAL Cleaning Business vs. a Scab Service

Are you thinking about hiring a service to clean your home or business? If so, you need to be forewarned that there are some “scabs” out there trying to earn your business.

The scabs are cheap. They require you to pay them in cash so the IRS will not be aware of them. They are not trained. And if anything happens to them while in your home, they will sue you for damages. Warning: DO NOT HIRE A SCAB cleaner. Pay a few extra bucks and hire a real cleaning service.

Let’s cut to the chase here. No business worth its salt is easy to open, if in fact it is opened correctly. Also, I cannot think of any businesses that can be started with no investment. The “scab” services are not real businesses, which opens you up to all types of liability.

Below are some of the things one would need to have done to qualify as a real cleaning business as opposed to scab business. Check out the differences in the two:

Real Businesses…

Choose and register a business name

Scab services are not registered in their state because they want to stay under the radar

Register for an EIN number – This is a nine digit number from the IRS which acknowledges a company as a real business

Scab services have never heard of an EIN number, much less applied for one!

Have met with an accountant or attorney for business advice and have been advised regarding business structure—LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, etc.

Scab entities do not think that far into the future

Have websites developed which outline details about their business

Scab services cannot afford websites

Market/advertise their company to get the word out there that they exist

Scab services would not dream of advertising in a paper, magazine or postcard. They would rather gain your business via word of mouth or via a home-made ad that they stick on doors or mailboxes

Have liability , bonding and workman’s compensation insurance

Scab services cannot afford any insurance and if they get hurt in your home or break something in your home, you would be responsible!

Use high quality products and supply the products and equipment themselves

Scab services use your products and equipment

Have safes to store your keys, and will use a key code for your protection

Scab services will throw you key into a drawer or elsewhere and attach your name and address to the key, endangering your safety

You have seen the comparison between a real cleaning company and a scabber who is only interested in earning a tax free buck at your safety and expense.

This is a no-brainer. Hire UpperCrust maids—a REAL cleaning compay with highly trained cleaning techs. we live up to our motto: White glove service on us!

TWO ways to reach us:

phone:  301-322-7112


Why Only Work With Reputable Cleaning Companies?

Have you ever come home to find a home-made advertisement in your door from house cleaners? Many have.

If you have ever responded to such a circular, what you probably found was the following:

1. The cell phone number that you called may or may not actually belong to the person whose name is on the advertisement.

2. The people who created the advertisement may or may not be in this country legally.

Now, if you were enticed by their low cleaning rates that they quoted in the circular and they came to your come, you probably noticed the following:

1. They wore no uniforms.

2. They followed no particular, organized manner by which they cleaned your home.

There are numerous dangers attached to hiring the fly-by-night house cleaners to work in your home:

They are not insured – If someone comes into your home who is not insured, it means that the person is working for him or herself, “off the books” and is not paying any taxes. The person has not registered their “business” in their state and therefore, no one knows that they are out there working and collecting money.

What does being insured mean? In short, being insured means that if such a person breaks any of your belongings, there is a reputable insurance company standing behind the business for whom the person works who can cover the loss. A good insurance policy is not cheap and those fly-by-night “maids” cannot afford insurance, trust me. Common sense would dictate that if they cannot afford insurance, they also cannot afford to personally replace or pay you for any item they may break in your home.

They are not bonded – Reputable cleaning companies are bonded. What that means is that if an employee goes into your home and—God forbid, steals something and is convicted of the theft, a bonding policy is there to reimburse you for your loss.

Use of inferior products

If you look closely at the products used by the fly-by-night maids, you will find that much of it is junk that they probably purchased from a dollar store.

When you work with a real cleaning company that is bonded and insured, you at least have the advantage of knowing that at a minimum, they are a real business. A real cleaning business will put thought and care into choosing the cleaning products to bring into your home. A real cleaning business will train its employees on the proper use of each cleaning product and machine that they take into your home.

At UpperCrust Maids, we use only environmentally friendly products. Yes, they cost a little more, but when it comes to the health of our clients, it’s worth it to pay a higher price. In addition, our friendly staff are bonded and insured for your protection and they have had background checks.

Whether you use our service or someone else’s, please, for the sake of your family’s safety, only use reputable cleaning companies who are bonded and insured!

Two ways to reach us:

Phone:  301-322-7112

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