10 Tips for “Letting Go of the Excess Stuff”

It happens to most of us.  Sales magazines and offers and postcards arrive and we think, “Hmmmm…..looks interesting.  I’ll hold on to this and check it out later”.  Problem is, life gets in the way and “later” takes a week, then a month, then a year and before we know it, there is an accumulation of piles and piles of ads, magazines and offers that we planned to go through but never quite was able to find the time.
At UpperCrust Maids, we are all about simplifying and beautifying life.  And while those luxury magazines certainly do have some interesting and unique items in there, truth of the matter is, if you are not planning to buy within the next 24 hours, chances are, you also won’t buy from that magazine within the next 24 months.  So why allow papers and magazines to overtake your home?
It’s not only junk mail and enticing ads that get us.  All types of things have a way of creeping up into our homes and finding a place there.  Below are 10 tips to help you get rid of the “stuff” that is taking over your home and chipping away at its beauty.
1.  Subject every piece of mail that comes into your home to a “tough love” test.  Ask yourself, “Am I going to order from this magazine within the next 24 hours?”  If not, toss it.  Postcards, toss immediately unless you are planning ot use the services offered within the next 24 hours.  Junk envelopes, tear up and toss immediately.  Credit card offers, tear up and throw out immediately.  Remember that paper is inanimate.  It has no feelings, no thoughts.  It could not care less that you are tearing it up and throwing it out.  Get rid of it.
2.  Next, toss out old subscription magazines.  Once you have read them, why hold on to them?  They will simply add clutter to your life.  Put them in the recycle bin.
3.  You also need to tackle your closet.  If you have not worn it in the past 2 years, chances are, you will never wear it.  Pull out every outfit that you sincerely know in your heart you will not ever wear and either take them to a consignment shop or to the Goodwill or to the Salvation army.  There is someone out there who could really use those items and if they are just sitting in your closet, they are going to waste.
4.  Battered and worn out shoes need to go to the nearest garbage can.  Why allow old shoes that you will never wear again to sit in your closet taking up space?  Just toss it.
5.  Sentimental items such as old holiday and birthday cards.  I won’t ask you to throw those away.  I will, however, ask you to invest in a file cabinet and some manilla folders.  File away the cards or put them in a box and store them in the attic.
6.  Spare boxes – Yes, I know that you believe that someday you’ll need those boxes for something. Problem is, they are taking away from the beauty of your lovely home and they are taking up space.  Boxes are easy to come by.  Take those boxes out to the recycle and when you actually do need boxes, just stop by your local UPS store and purchase some. They are inexpensive!
7.  Books – This is a tough one.  I love to read also.  Keep the classics.  Keep the ones that really touched your heart (who could ever get rid of “To Kill a Mockingbird” for example?)  But those fluff books and the books you know you will never read need to be either given away or put in recycle.
8.  Old electronic equipment and wires – Let’s face it.  You will never need that worn out, expired equipment and you will never find use for those cords and wires.  It is just in your home adding to the clutter.  Toss it!
9.  Pictures and other wall hangings – Do you have old pictures and wall hangings that don’t go with your present design scheme for your home? Take that stuff to the Salvation Army.  Someone can use it!
10.  Furniture – Do you have old tables and chairs out in your garage or in your basement or attic?  Take it to the Salvation army or throw it out. Chances are, you will never have it repaired and it will continue to act as clutter around your home.
For a list of places to take your excess “stuff”, GO HERE

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