In home estimates

estimateI went to a potential client’s home a few days ago for an in home estimate and she shared with me how another company that she had called had refused to complete an in home estimate.  The person gave an estimate over the phone.

That is not unusual.  There are many, many companies out there that are willing to send their workers into strange homes, knowing that they have not personally eyeballed the home.

I cannot understand how a person could give an estimate over the phone.  I’m referring to a firm estimate.  First of all, seldom will a person who has a cluttered or particularly dirty home admit that fact.  My experience has been that people are not comfortable admitting that their home is in bad condition.  With that in mind, it is very important to go out and look at the home.

My advice to clients is, do NOT hire a company that refuses to perform an in home estimate.  If they won’t perform an estimate, it speaks to how the owners run their business.  Such a company will disrespect its clients because clearly they lack in the area of customer service.  If they won’t come out for an estimate, what will happen if you need them to handle a problem for you? 

First impressions are important.  I perform in home estimates 99% of the time.  When I don’t it’s not because I don’t want to. Rather, it’s because the client needs the home cleaned in an emergency and I’m too booked to make it out there on short notice. 

When you are searching for a cleaning company, definitely rule out companies that refuse an in home estimate.  That refusal will foreshadow the way you will be treated in the future by that company.


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