Hire a Real Cleaning Company and Avoid the Cleaning Ladies

      Most of us don’t just wake up one morning and decide we need some help in the home. It generally is a process.  Over a period of time it occurs to us that yes, it’s time.

It’s time to stop scrubbing baseboards. It’s time to stop dusting furniture. It’s time to stop mopping floors.  It’s simply time to turn it over to hired help.

There are several choices that a consumer needs to make when s/he finally makes the decision to bring in hired help.

I.     Hire a cleaning lady or a cleaning company?

II.   Hire the cheapest cleaning company out there or hire a reputable company that charges a little more?

Let us look at #1 first.  The cleaning lady.  Are you aware of the fact that cleaning ladies carry with them a tremendous amount of liability?

Check this out:

a.  Once you bring a cleaning lady into your home, you become her direct employer.

b.  You immediately are responsible for her taxes as well as her health. This means that if she slips in your home and gets hurt, you have to pay her medical bills. 

c.  If you are paying $1,400+ a year to her, you had better be taking care of the taxes. Otherwise, you are in a serious heap of trouble with the IRS if they ever find out that you are cheating them.

d.  Assuming that you are willing to work with the IRS for your cleaning lady, you will need to fill in form 926, located at  http://www.irs.gov

e.  You may also need to file for an employer ID number, as you are that person’s direct employer.

f.  You will need to withhold and pay 7.65%  [at this time] for the cleaning lady’s social security and Medicare taxes (check with your accountant to verify the percentage)

g.  You will need to withhold federal income taxes, as well as state (again, check with your accountant for direction)

h.  That’s not all.  There is something called “unemployment taxes”.  Guess who is responsible for paying that fee?  YOU are, if you hire a cleaning lady.

i.  There’s more.  Guess who is responsible for giving the cleaning lady her W-2 form at the end of the year?  YOU are.

BUT….if you hire a cleaning company, you are able to avoid all that!

II.  The legitimate cleaning company

If you have decided to avoid becoming an employer, then you have certainly chosen to avoid the cleaning ladies.

That means you have decided to seek out a cleaning company. Guess what? Some cleaning companies are not functioning legally.

Do the following:

a.  When you call around, ask the cleaning companies what type of insurance they carry.   Ask them what insurance company they use.  If they cannot answer, move on.

b.  A legitimate cleaning company will charge you a little more because insurance costs money and it is not cheap. 

Questions? Confused?  Give me a call!

Cathy @ 301-322-7112


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