UpperCrust Maids Cleaning Academy

By:  Cathy Green

     House cleaning may appear to some to be an easy task but I assure you that professional house cleaning is far from easy when it is done correctly.

When people clean their own homes, 99% of them will target one or two rooms at a time. Very few people will clean their entire home in one session. Yet, employees of cleaning companies clean the entire home at once.

Because of  how overwhelming it can be to take on such a task, any cleaning company worth its salt will teach and provide ongoing training to its staff.

This company has created the UpperCrust Cleaning Academy and every employee is required to undergo extensive and ongoing training. They are trained in each aspect of house cleaning and taught what to look for in a home.

The Training Academy is an ongoing process and after the initial 3 month period where the most intense training takes place—there is updated training based on situations that arise. Training never officially ends because we want to perfect the art of professional house cleaning.

We also are on a continuous search for the best products and equipment to use in clients’ homes. And as we make changes, our employees are re-trained.

UpperCrust Maids, LLC is not a “perfect” company and never will be. However, our goal is to strive for perfection and to live up to our motto: White Glove Service on Us!

So when you hire us, rest assured that trained staff are in your home giving it the best cleaning they possibly can.


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