Housecleaning Vs. Housekeeping

By:  Cathy Green

We live in a fast paced, busy society and consequently, home owners are looking for help. Recently UpperCrust Maids has been receiving calls from consumers who are in search of tasks that would fall more under house “keeping” than house “cleaning”. At this time, we are only able to offer house cleaning services.

Here are the differences:

House keeping (which we don’t offer at this time)


In addition to general house cleaning duties they also do some or all of the following: 

.  Replace light bulbs in homes

. Replenish supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper

. Wash dishes

. Wash clothes and iron clothes

. Transport linens, towels, etc. to laundry room [we offer this service but we won’t wash them]

. Running general errands for family

. Other tasks as necessary

House cleaners:

UpperCrust Maids is a house cleaning company. What we do is clean, dust, scrub, polish. We also will change one set of linen (due to time constraints) and additional linen would cost extra to change.

If a family so requests, we are willing to take dirty clothes to the laundry room but we do not wash clothes. We also prefer not to get into the changing of towels and rags in bathrooms. Why? Because it takes more time.

We are a “one maid per home” business, except in cases where a house is very large or complicated in some way (multiple animals and animal hair, for example). People rarely understand how much labor it takes to clean a home well. We bring our own supplies and equipment which must be transported. The cleaning techs must remember which products to use for which houses. And even within a house, they treat granite or marble differently than they treat other material. There is much to remember. If there is a dresser full of items, they must carefully remove each item, dust and put the items back. It takes time.

There is no way that they can do all that cleaning then turn around and do other household tasks.

Before calling a cleaning company, first determine your needs. Do you need someone to wash your clothes for you?  If so, don’t call a house cleaning company. Their workers do not wash or iron or fold clothes. You would need to find a housekeeping company.  There is a huge difference, believe me.

If my company were to offer house keeping services, we would charge so much more because I would have to assign the cleaning tech to the home for a minimum of 8 hours at a time. But there is a problem. I’d have to do so much more training because if you are washing clothes, there is a liability issue. If you are ironing clothes, there is the chance of even more liability. So I have zero interest in expanding into housekeeping.

There are some housekeeping companies out there. Look around. But if you know ahead of time that housekeeping is what you truly need, search out such a company before looking in to a house cleaning company.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by crystal clean housekeeping on June 28, 2009 at 1:13 am

    i like your blog very interesting -letting ppl knw the difference between a housekeeper and a housecleaner–iam a housekeepr that does all including the dishes and laundry very interesting
    kinda need help knwing this blog how sis u get catagories?? thanxif u can help that is great

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