Beware of Household Germs

By:  Cathy Green

People are often in no rush to clean their toilets for fear of germs, etc. However, would you be surprised if I told you that your desk at work, your keyboard at home and even your telephone harbor more germs than does the average toilet seat? Check this out:

A desk is capable of supporting 10 million bacteria and the average office contains 20,961 germs per square inch, according to research.

The key offenders are telephones, which harbour up to 25,127 germs per square inch, keyboards 3,295 and computer mice 1,676.

By contrast, the average toilet seat contains 49 germs per square inch, the survey showed.

Microbiologist Dr Charles Gerba, of the University of Arizona, who carried out the research, said: “When someone is infected with a cold or flu bug the surfaces they touch during the day become germ transfer points because some cold and flu viruses can survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours.


When UpperCrust Maids enters your home, we use a variety of products, including disinfectants. Keep in mind that we are a “green” company so we go for products that are as natural and safe for you and your household as possible. One of our favorites is the Odoban Germ Control  Link

We also love the Benefect products  Link  which fights a variety of germ types.

Concerned about germs and about finding a professional cleaning company that knows how to fight them? Give the pros a call. We may be reached at 301-322-7112. I look forward to speaking with you.


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