Cheap Continues to Sell

By:  Cathy Green


Looks like cheap is still selling. I received a form letter recently from a potential client. I figured out it was a form letter after he forgot that he had sent it to me once, and he sent it a second time.

In the letter he mentioned that he had recently fired his cleaning person due to poor services and said that he would be interested in receiving an estimate. He made it clear in his note that he was on a tight budget and he was going to go with the cheapest estimate.

Below is an edited copy of the letter that I sent back to him. I believe that all potential clients will benefit from it:

If you ever read my blog or the articles I write for the DC Examiner, you will see that I am a person who always is educating the consumer.


Cheap sells but cheap renders awful results, high turnover, and other problems in the long run.

Another issue you are going to run into is that very few cleaning companies are worth their salt. Only about 1% of them train their people or can hold on to employees. They pay minimum wage ($6.55 – $7 per hour) and therefore the employees give abour $7.00 an hour’s worth of labor.

I charge more because I pay my people a real wage. Therefore, they see it as real job, as opposed to a “jump off” that they can leave the second they find something paying them more for their hard labor.


You’d do well to seek out a “mom & pop” establishment where we pay our people more and actually care about what goes on in your home.

You will be able to find a company to clean your 4 b.r., 2 bath home for a low price, but you will probably end up only keeping them for a month or two due to shabby service. You get what you pay for.

I have no idea what he will end up doing. My guess is that he will find another “cheap” company to go in and clean his rather large home for dirt cheap prices. They will do an awful job and he will again find himself in the market for a cleaning company. Most people rarely make the connection between cost and service. Cheap just keeps on selling!

If you are looking for the cheapest house cleaning service in town, you have landed in the wrong spot.  But if you are looking for a thorough, professional company with trained employees who take their jobs seriously, you are in the right place.  Our prices are competitive and our service is “white glove”. Give us a call:  301-322-7112


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