The “Process” House

 By:  Cathy Green

   I talk a great deal about cluttered houses. However, there is another type of house that needs to be discussed. I term it the “process” house.

In short, a process house is one that needs to be cleaned over a period of time.

What qualifies a home as a process house?

a. Exceptionally dusty or dirty baseboards that clearly have not been cleaned and/or dusted in over a year.

b. Extremely dusty or dirty window ledges

c. Houses where every single picture is dusty

d. A house that has a great deal of clutter

What home owners need to understand is that it did not take their home one day to get into that condition and it’s not realistic to expect that one deep cleaning will miraculously return the home to glory.

Process houses could easily take anywhere from 3 – 8(+) cleanings before they meet an industry standard of cleaning.

Every cleaning company is different. At UpperCrust Maids, LLC, we charge a deep cleaning fee for the first cleaning of a process house. Afterwards, we advise the family to allow either us or another company to clean the house weekly or biweekly until it is brought up to standard.

Other cleaning companies may charge several deep cleaning rates until the home comes up to standard. It just depends on various circumstances.

Before calling a cleaning company, take a careful look at your home. Have your baseboards ever been cleaned? What about the window ledges? How long has it been since the top of your refrigerator was cleaned? What about your windows? Every little thing takes time. Do you ever dust your furniture?

To find out if your home is a process house, give us a call and we will work with you to get it cleaned.





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