Looking for Cleaning Ladies on Craigs List

By:  Cathy Green

I saw the following ad on Craig’s List:


I’m looking for a maid in washington DC to come to my apartment on a bi-weekly basis to start (we can discuss your fee if you do this). I want somebody that is a good cleaner. However, I am also looking for someone that not only cleans, but also does “maid” type services such as folds and puts away my clothes, makes bed, and helps to organize my closet (by folding/putting away clothes). Please contact me if you do these things and are looking for work.


In the summer of ’08 there was a news report about a man who hired a “nude maid” from Craigs List  and the “maid” promptly disrobed and stole $40,000 worth of his wife’s jewelry (the wife was out of town).  Your best bet in seeking out a cleaning service is to either use the old fashioned Yellow Pages or complete a Google search for legitimate companies.

There are some things I want you to notice about the advertisement above:

a. The person is not searching for a legitimate company; rather, he or she is searching for “a good cleaner” who can do some maid chores.

b. Here is the clencher. The person said, “Please contact me…..” if you are looking for work.

Hmmmmm. That tells me that this person is searching out some entity from off the street who is able to clean and organize clothes. This person is not searching out a real company because real companies charge more.

This is a warning to those who are willing to pick up entities from Craigs List and other lists. Don’t do it!

Someone can easily come in from off the streets and interview well. Then over a period of time, that person can wipe out your valuables. It is not safe to hire people from off the street. Yes, it’s cheaper for certain but it’s not to your advantage.  Real cleaning companies do background checks and are responsible for who enters your home!

Does it cost more to hire a real company that is bonded and insured? You bet it does! It is worth it? Absolutely. I’ll say it again. If you are about to hire someone from off the street to enter your home…..Don’t do it!


One response to this post.

  1. Google search works the best, Craigslist is way too dangerous

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