The Professional Cleaning Tech

By:  Cathy Green

UpperCrust Maids, LLC often goes into homes to do “clean up work” following other house cleaning companies that did not do their job.

My employees recently cleaned a beautiful home in Washington, DC. The owner mentioned to me that the other cleaning company had gone in and during their “cleaning” of the house, spent all their time complaining to the owner about how much there was to do and about the pain to their knees.

First of all, it’s totally unprofessional for cleaning techs to complain to clients. Secondly, a cleaning company that respects its workers will supply them with pads for their knees so that when they are washing the baseboards or getting into corners, etc, their knees won’t feel any pressure. There are many types of knee pads. Some can be attached to knees and some are simply pads that are portable.

What struck me though was how dusty and dirty the baseboards were so I’m unclear as to what the cleaning techs were complaining about. There was no evidence that they had cleaned anything in that house.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I truly believe that less than 1% of the cleaning companies out there are worth their weight. A cleaning company is only as good as its employees and if they are not trained or happy or well equipped, their work will reflect those issues.

Rest assured that our techs are professional. They enjoy their work and they are well compensated. Give us a call at 301-322-7112 or email us. We look forward to working with you!


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