Beware of the “Cheap” Cleaning Service

By:  Cathy Green

There is an old adage that holds just as true today as it did hundreds of years ago:

You get what you pay for

I’m comfortable saying that I believe that less than 1% of the cleaning companies out there are worth their salt or your hard earned money.

I’ll tell you why I ultimately started a cleaning company. My husband and I had just had an addition put on our home. After it was completed, our construction company told us to hire a cleaning company to clean it and that the company would reimburse us our money.

I called around and settled with a cleaning company whose owner really sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

Two women showed up. One spoke English and the other did not. The one who spoke English swiftly handed me a makeshift circular and told me to call her “on the side” and that she would clean my home at a cheaper rate. To this day, I still have that circular and will keep it, frame it and hang it up once I get my commercial office space!

It took me about half a minute to notice that neither woman had a clue about how to professionally clean a home. I’m an organized person and I could see that they had no organized methods established. I ended up teaching the two women how to clean a home and I even got in there and did much of the cleaning myself!

Shortly after that bizarre experience, I started my own cleaning company with the determination that I would teach my workers an organized, methodical way to clean a home well.

It has taken a while to perfect, but I believe that we are there. My workers are trained. They are professional. They are serious about their work. They care about customers’ homes. And their cleaning skills are top rate. Are they perfect? No. Far from it. Do they sometimes miss a spot here and there? Of course they do!

In spite of their imperfections, I am comfortable saying that my workers are amongst the best in the business and UpperCrust Maids, LLC is in the top tier of professional cleaning companies in the MD/DC/VA area.

I’m going to be honest with you. One of the reasons my workers do such a fantastic job is because they are paid well. Most maid services pay their employees either minimum wage or close to minimum wage. Not so here. We pay our people well above minimum wage and they in turn produce well above average.

UpperCrust Maids, LLC is not the cheapest cleaning company in Maryland. To retain the best employees, we have to pay well and to pay well we must charge well. It is not realistic for clients to think that for a dirt cheap price they are going to receive top rate service. Life is just not that simple.

Yes, you do get what you pay for and you lose money when you hire a cheap maid service. Time and time again, I visit homes where people had hired cheap cleaning companies. The place is left dusty, dirty, grimy and in such poor condition that it does not look like a professional cleaning service ever entered the residence.

Workers don’t give 100% when they are not paid well. That is a simple fact. And honestly, I don’t blame them. House cleaning is hard labor and the workers deserve compensation.

That leads me to my final point. Unlike most cleaning services, I post my prices to my website. I purposely post the prices to weed out the “price only” clients. Price only clients are looking for something for nothing—-and that’s what they receive. Nothing. They pay dirt cheap to have a company come in. The company does a shabby job and destroys furniture in the process. After wasting money, they then finally call a real company.

Years ago there was a Marine commercial that indicated that the Marines were looking for “a few good men”.

Likewise, UpperCrust Maids, LLC is looking for “a few good clients”. We are not in search of the “price only” clients. We are looking for realistic clients who understand that to receive quality, you need to pay accordingly.

Are you that client? Give us a call. We are not the most expensive service out there, but we also are not the cheapest. If you are in search of cheap, you’ve landed in the wrong blog. Call “El Cheapo”…..they’ll clean your place for almost nothing. But they might wipe out your valuables in the process!

Our number is 301-322-7112. We look forward to talking to you and servicing you and your family.


2 responses to this post.

  1. No matter what cleaning services you choose, remember that bad things can happen no matter which cleaning service you hire.

  2. Posted by uppercrustmaids on October 16, 2008 at 2:03 pm

    It is true that “bad” things can happen regardless of the service one chooses.

    What I want my blog readers to understand though is that the probability of a “bad” thing happening increases when…..

    a. They hire based solely on price

    b. They hire the “cleaning ladies” instead of real businesses

    c. They hire companies whose workers have not been trained

    d. They hire companies that lack any insurance or bonding

    In fact, the reason such companies can offer “cheap” services is largely due to the fact that they are not insured and don’t pay their employees a decent wage.

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