Choose a Real Cleaning Company

By:  Cathy Green

There is an old saying that you have probably heard and it generally comes in two different forms:

A. There is a church on every corner

B. There is a bar on every corner

I’d like to add a “C”:

C. There is a cleaning company on every corner

Cleaning companies are about a dime a dozen. You can find them by checking your local Yellow Pages or by doing an internet search. Note that I am not referring right now to “cleaning ladies”—which is a whole other story in and of itself! I’m speaking here specifically about bonded and insured cleaning companies that are operating as a legitimate enterprise.

They often come in the form of franchises. However, there also are smaller companies out there which are not franchises but are in business to clean residences.

As the owner of a cleaning business, I can tell you from experience that very few cleaning companies actually do a thorough cleaning job in homes. If you look at consumer lists, such as Angie’s List, you will find that the franchises often rate lower than the “mom and pop” businesses. The reason is simple. Franchises often has as their top priority the selling of more franchises. Your home is not the #1 priority of [most] cleaning franchises.

Cleaning franchises generally pay their employees minimum wage or close to minimum wage. What this means of course, is that the employee who is making almost no money, treats the clients in accordance with their paychecks. They get paid a low wage and offer that low level of service in homes.

On a regular basis I will go to a home where the client informs me that they recently had a cleaning company in their home. I’ll look around the home and I’ll see the following:

a. Dirty, dusty baseboards

b. Fingerprints on doors

c. Dirty window sills and bases

d. Spider webs and dust bunnies all over the place

In short, there is often no evidence that a cleaning company was ever there. And then the client will tell me that the workers only spent an hour or two in the home for the “deep cleaning”.

I have to be honest with you. The average first time “deep” cleaning takes FOUR TO FIVE hours to complete when 2 – 3 cleaners are used.

Although I definitely blame these so-called cleaning companies for the inferior service that they provide, there are times when the home owners must take part of the blame and I’ll tell you why.

People too often choose service based solely on price. So for example, they will call three cleaning companies. Company A will quote an estimated price of $170 for the deep cleaning. Company B will quote $280 and Company C will quote $300.

The client will then hire the $170 company with no thought to the fact that if they are only charging $170, there must be a catch to it! I’ll tell you the catch. They are paying their workers about $7.00 (or less) per hour, which means that the workers are going to work at that level. That’s problem #1. No self-respecting worker is going to spend any significant time deep cleaning a home when they are paid a pauper’s wage. That’s a simple fact of life.

Secondly, very few companies bother to train their workers. They just send them out into homes with the hope that things will simply come together and fall into place. The truth of the matter is that home cleaning can be overwhelming and intimidating. Cleaners need to be trained and given a specific “order” in which to clean. They need to know what types of supplies and equipment to use with the variety of materials in the homes they are servicing.

I could go on about the problem with many of the so-called cleaning companies that exist but I’ll stop. What I will say is this. UpperCrust Maids, LLC trains its workers. We give them direction. We pay them well above minimum wage. We offer them support and guidance.

In addition, we constantly update and change our methods in an effort to strive for perfection. No, we will never be perfect but our goal is to always strive towards that goal!

Are you tired of wasting your money on “cheap” cleaning services who leave your home no cleaner than when you left it and who often destroy and damage your furniture in the process? Then give a real cleaning company a call.

UpperCrust Maids: 301-322-7112


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