Getting Your Money’s Worth From a Cleaning Business

By:  Cathy Green

   I entered a home recently to complete an estimate. It was an absolutely gorgeous home and the owner informed me that she had recently—-3 weeks ago, fired her maid service because they had not truly been cleaning the home and she was not able to communicate with them because they did not speak English.

Apparently, the owner of the company was a “very nice” person but the cleaners would only clean when she was around. Other than that, they would go into the house, “work” for about an hour, and leave with no evidence that they had ever been there.

As I always do, I went on the house tour with the owner. When I’m on a house tour, my goal is to check places that most cleaning companies miss—baseboards, window ledges, book shelves, behind doors, underneath beds and couches, etc.

The two of us started to ascend her steps and I was flabbergasted by the amount of dirt and dust on the baseboards of the stairs. How could the maid service have missed such a glaring problem?

Upstairs, the ceiling fans were caked with dust and it was obvious that they had not been touched. In the basement—where her husband maintained a professional office, the waiting room was loaded down with spider webs.

Because there is no way the home had deteriorated into that condition in only three weeks, I concluded that the maid service that had been going into the home had only completed a cursory type of cleaning. They would go in, quickly clean the living and dining room areas [which are easy to clean since they are rarely used], but the remainder of the house was pretty much ignored, as evidenced by all the dog hair all over the place.

She hired UpperCrust Maids. The cleaning techs did a fantastic job. And I assured her that unlike most cleaning companies, my techs will work just as hard when I am not around as when I am in their presence. They take pride in their work. Furthermore, I am known to dismiss techs who don’t meet our standard of excellence. We maintain only the best staff and will not allow a second rate cleaning tech to work for our company.

Are we perfect? Absolutely not. But we strive for perfection. Also, you will be able to communicate with our techs because all of them speak English. If they ever miss anything, simply call me or send me an email and I’ll ensure they get it the next time they are in your home.

Are you tired of paying top dollar while receiving third rate services? Stop throwing your hard earned money away. Give UpperCrust Maids, LLC a call and we will get out there as soon as possible to offer an in home estimate. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!



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