Targeting Dust in Residences

By:  Cathy Green

  No home will ever be dust free. It is never the goal of a cleaning company to free a home totally of dust. The goal is to get rid of as much of it as possible.

Here are some tips for minimizing the amount of dust in your home:

a. If you have carpet or rugs, vacuum them regularly, as they are known to collect dust. If the carpet is old and cruddy, have it taken up and think long and hard about putting down a different type of floor surface.

b. Have your vents cleaned professionally at least once per year and personally have your cleaning crew dust the vents off regularly.

c. Keep your eyes on celing fans. They need to be dusted and/or wiped off regularly.

d. Invest in a doormat. People track dirt and dust into homes all the time.

e.  Blinds collect dust. Ensure they are dusted regularly.

f. Consider investing in an air purifier.

One thing that we at UpperCrust Maids, LLC cannot do is promise you a dust-free house. However, we can promise you that we will search out dust and dust bunnies and conquer as many of them as possible! Give us a call for an estimate TODAY.  301-322-7112


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