Brushing The Dirt Away

  By Cathy Green

Sometimes we forget about the old fashioned cleaning tools that our parents used. Especially in this day and age when there are so many fancy products out there.

Today my crew encountered a home that needed a tremendous amount of work. The home had obviously not been cleaned thoroughly in quite a while.

The white radiators in the home were so dirty they had turned black.  The workers “set” the radiators by saturating them with a combination of all purpose cleaner and a degreaser.  After allowing those cleansers to sit for a while, they took an old fashioned brush and applied a good deal of “elbow grease” and scrubbed the radiators clean.

One thing we enjoy at UpperCrust Maids, LLC is when we help to bring a home to beauty by cleaning it thoroughly and offering tips to the home owner to keep it clean.

Yes, we use the fancy “new” products but you also will see us using the tried and true products of old. Give us a call today to get on schedule.  301-322-7112


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