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Eco Friendly House Cleaning for Your Pets


By Cathy Green

Approximately 50% of the clients that we service have either a cat or dog or combination of both. Great. We are a pet friendly business and we work just fine around pets.

One thing I have noticed is that cats tend to be under the impression that the home is being cleaned specifically for their personal comfort. Dogs generally want to play and socialize when we enter the homes.

For certain, it does not take long at all for your pets to get to know our staff and for us to work around each other while respecting each others’ space.

Because pets become a true member of the family—and for some people, pets are like children, we are as careful with your pet as we would be with a child. And that’s another reason we use safe, natural products. We use OdoBan, Benefect and Weiman products. On your wood floors, we use vinegar-water. No need to worry about your animal inhaling our products and becoming ill.

If you are presently in the process of searching out a cleaning company, one thing you should inquire about—especially if you have children or pets is the quality of their products. If they are using harsh chemicals, you should think twice about hiring them. The truth of the matter is, there is no need to use dangerous, harsh chemicals to clean a house. As the owner of a natural cleaning company, I can assure you that your home will be equally as clean with the green, eco-friendly products we use.

So…your toddlers and children are safe to breathe in our products. You are safe. Your pets are safe. And your home will be equally as clean!  Questions?  We are only an email or phone call away.  301-322-7112 or


Do you have a Cleaning Pet Peeve?

By Cathy Green

 Many of our clients do. Some clients are very picky about their kitchen sinks, for example. Others are picky about their windows or baseboards—while there are other clients who want their shower stalls or floors cleaned in a particular way.

Whatever your particular pet peeve is, UpperCrust Maids, LLC is willing to work with you to work it out! Our aim is to please you and in fact, you are the reason we exist. Of course, your pet peeve may be something in an area that will cost you a little extra. But if it’s important enough to you and it’s something reasonable, we are willing to consider it. For example, we don’t generally clean window wells. But if you have a pet peeve about them—and they are not exceptionally muddy or dirty, we will consider cleaning them for you at an extra fee. For something of that nature we would have to set up a particular day on which to clean them for you.

Have a question? Give us a call! 301-322-7112

Terrycloth and Microfiber Mops for More Effective Cleaning

By: Cathy Green

String mops are going the way of the dinosaur, at least here at UpperCrust Maids. We do use industrial quality string mops on very large surfaces and basements, in conjunction with yellow buckets. We also use the old fashioned string mops in spaces that are muddy or particularly dirty.

Other than on large surfaces, we use microfiber mops and terrycloth covered mops for floors in homes. Terrycloth mops are great on wood, ceramic, vinyl and linoleum floors.

What I love about these mops is that instead of sticking an old fashioned string mop down into dirty water, you now have the convenience of simply spraying your washing solution on the floor (such as, vinegar/water solution for wood floors)and then mopping away! It cuts down on cleaning time significantly. And the cotton covers of course are washable. In addition, the swivel base of these mops are able to fit under spaces as low as 2.5 inches—and swivels to fit between tight spaces.

Unlike string mops, that generally leave debris all over the place, the cotton and microfiber mops act as dust magnets. Even if you are having a cleaning company in to take care of your space, I would advise you to have some of these mops handy in your home.

Microfiber mops are super absorbent and can hold six times their weight in water. They can be used to dust wall and floors with the dry pads and you can use the wet pads to mop the floors. 

Yes, the string mops have had their day. But it’s a new day. Two thumbs up to microfiber and terrycloth mops!