Places to Take Unused “Stuff” that Serves as Clutter

By:  Cathy Green

I recently walked into a beautiful home located on a beautiful street in an absolutely beautiful neightborhood. The purpose was to complete an in home estimate to determine price for cleaning the house.

The second I walked through the door, the vision of beauty melted into a vision of clutter—too much stuff gone wild. All types of “stuff” on the tables and couches and chairs. Every room dissolved into a place for storage.

UpperCrust Maids, LLC envisions itself as more than just a run-of-the-mill cleaning company that cleans a home every two weeks and runs off to clean another. Part of what sets us apart is that we personalize each home. And as the owners of the business, my husband and I view each and every home as our own personal responsibility. Yes, we do turn the homes over to employees to take care of on our behalf—-but much like one would turn over their personal car to be cleaned. We never give up “ownership” of the houses that we accept to clean. They are “our” houses that we entrust to our employees to keep clean on “our company’s” behalf.

We do our part. We are quick to re-train or even dismiss an employee who does not take care of your home to the high standards that we set. However, in turn, we desire that our clients do their part. That is, once we share tips with you regarding your home, we ask that you follow through. And unlike most cleaning companies, we do share tips where necessary.

We don’t accept every cluttered house for cleaning. But when we do accept a cluttered home into our fold, we work one-on-one with the home owner to guide him/her towards becoming less cluttered or totally de-cluttered.

Clutter is not a good thing—which is why I write about clutter so often. Below are a few websites that offer places where you can get rid of at least some of your clutter:

Title Trader



Salvation Army 



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