Cleaning the Eerie House

By:  Cathy Green

Every now and then my company encounters a home that falls into the category of “eerie”. Eerie in the sense that for no known reason, we cannot get it clean. I know that sounds strange. It is strange.

Generally, we can trace the etiology of difficult to clean spaces. For example, some homes never really look clean because the furniture or floors are in poor condition. Some homes are in need of a thorough paint job and the damaged, scuffed baseboards and walls give the impression that the house is in need of a cleaning. Other houses are cluttered, and even though it may be freshly cleaned, it may not appear that way because visitors cannot see past the clutter.

I am not talking about any of the above. What I am talking about is the fact that some houses are impossible to get clean and the reason behind it is unknown.

Early in opening UpperCrust Maids, LLC, my company took on a 1,500 square foot condo. It is difficult to describe the condo beyond saying that it appeared “lifeless”. It was clearly unkept. Nothing in it gave the impression that the person living there cared about the space and quite frankly, it occurred to me that only a person who is unhappy or depressed would live in such a drab residence.

The first crew went in to clean the place and reported that there was a never ending stream of animal and human hair all over the place and that the more they cleaned, the more hair appeared. Hmmm……eerie.

Soap scum on the bathroom soap dishes would not come off no matter how hard the cleaning techs tried. The glass tables and windows remained streaked after numerous attempts to clean them.

A second crew went back a few days later to try again—-since the home owner had called to complain that the place was not much different. We agreed! Crew #2 had no more success than Crew #1. The place looked a little better, but the crew left the house feeling defeated, as there was still too much hair and hair spray stains all over the place. Too many smudges on the windows and mirrors in spite of numerous tries and various products to clean them.

I had to advise the client to find a different cleaning company because it had become obvious that no matter how many different crews we sent in, that condo was never going to appear totally clean.

My hope is that I never again encounter an “eerie” house. And I sincerely hope that you have the type of home that readily comes clean with a little elbow grease. Give us a call today so that we may get you on schedule. We use all natural cleaning products for your protection. Our number is 301-322-7112


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