Working in a Clean Office


By Cathy Green

Very few people are able to concentrate and do their best work in an unclean work space. A dirty, dusty, spotty, cluttered desk does not bode well for the end result of the work being produced.

At UpperCrust Maids, LLC, part of what we do when we enter a home is ensure that the workspace is tidy and clean.

In order to clean your work space, we often do need to move things. To be honest with you, we would prefer that you move the very expensive items from your desk such as the computer so that we may really get in there and clean the desk to a sparkling degree! We want your entire work space to shine.

In addition to cleaning your desk, we take care of the windows and ledges while in your office and we do a quick dusting of the books. We don’t remove books from shelves but we do dust the backs of books. And as much as we can, we dust off the shelves, wipe down your pictures and clean your mirror. We check your light fixtures for dust and your floor of course is cleaned last. 

A few of our clients work from home. It’s up to the client to determine the order in which the office will be cleaned. We would be happy to clean it first or last. Your choice totally. But we do want to get it clean because we don’t want you to work in anything less than a beautiful space.

Give UpperCrust Maids a call today and we can get your home and office space estimated and cleaned. Don’t put off. Let’s get this on the calendar!

Phone:  301-322-7112


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