Is Your Maid Cleaning When You Are Not Looking?


By:  Cathy Green, CEO/UpperCrustMaids, LLC

I am very particular about my clients and their houses. In fact, I put my cleaning technicians through an extensive training program before allowing them to clean homes without an owner present in a home. In fact, any cleaning company worth its salt will thoroughly train and observe workers before allowing them free reign in a home.

UpperCrust Maids, LLC is quick to fire a lazy employee or one who does “just enough” to get by. Our employees must meet our high standards or they need to hit the road and go work for someone else. Let’s face it. House cleaning is an expense and no one wants to pay good money for shabby service.

Most of our clients reach a point where they trust us in their home when they are not there. I don’t take that lightly. Several months ago, I was on site with an employee. Because she only had a small living room and kitchen left to do, I gave her instructions and told her I was leaving.

What she did not know was that I was planning to return to the house the next day to personally check on her work. Sure enough, I called the home owner, who was thrilled with service and raved about how happy she was.

In spite of the rave reviews, I wanted to see the house for myself because I have a “trained eye” for the standard of cleanliness that UpperCrust Maids will accept. I must say that I was quite disappointed in what I saw when I returned the next day.

 At a minimum, we clean the baseboards. Yet, there was obvious dust all over the woman’s baseboards which she had not noticed. There were dustbunnies in corners. There were smear marks on the windows. There were fingerprints all over the place. Because the overall house was clean, the home owner did not notice the small things that mean so much.

Needless to say, I fired the cleaning technician. Our standards at UpperCrust Maids, LLC are high. We expect that the cleaning technicians will clean each and every home as though they were cleaning for a valued loved one.

Have you ever wondered what maids do when you are not looking? Our maids clean to a high standard. And if they are unable to meet those standards, they are replaced.

Give us a call to set up your cleaning estimate: 301-322-7112


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