The Clean Kitchen

At UpperCrust Maids, LLC, we believe that there are two spaces in the home that must be clean at all times and at all costs:

1.  Kitchen

2.  Bathroom(s)

The reason is simple. They both pertain to hygiene and cleanliness.

Can you imagine cooking in a dirty kitchen? Some people do, but that is never a good idea. In fact, when the cleaning techs in our company go into a home, they know that they are to head to the kitchen and bathrooms first. They take priority and in terms of the order in which rooms are cleaned.

What do we look for in kitchens?  Dust bunnies, many of which hide in the upper corners of rooms and which can fall off the walls and into food.  We thoroughly clean the surfaces of the appliances and cabinets. And we even wipe off the trash can, taking all trash with us. 

In kitchens we use several eco-friendly cleaning products:

a.  Benefect all purpose cleaner and Benefect Disinfectant

b.  Odoban degreaser

c.  Vinegar-water solution for glass and stainless steel and wood.

And of course we use a variety of natural products to polish stainless steel and wood.

For floors, we use any variety of cleaning agents, depending on the type of floor. Rest assured, however, that your kitchen will be spotless when we are through with it!

Give us a call and have us schedule an on site estimate. Not only will be do a fantastic job in your kitchen, but your entire house will be gleaming when we are through with it! 



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