What’s The Difference Between a Collection and Clutter?

  This is an organized collection

  This is disorganized clutter

People sometimes start off with a collection which ends up being clutter. Above are two dressers. One displays a wonderfully put together collection which adds to the overall beauty of the dresser and room. The other represents a chaotic mass of stuff all thrown together—taking away from the look of the dresser and ultimately the bedroom.

Everyone who holds on to objects should ask themselves:

a. Is this a collection or…

b. Is this simply a bunch of “stuff” that I don’t want to let go

Even collections should be organized and should have a purpose. Too many seashells all clamored together takes away from a look. There should be a good balance in terms of the amount of an item used in one space. And if a person collect seashells (for example)there should be a point at which the collecting stops—or give away or throw away some and replace with others. Otherwise, it becomes junky looking.

If a person finds himself or herself with a lot of “stuff” which ultimately takes away from the beauty and balance of a space, that person should go on a mission to throw away that stuff because such stuff will ultimately take over a room and become an eye sore.

Yes, it’s difficult to let go of things we’ve been holding on to a long time. But you know what? Go ahead and toss it out. I assure you that not only will you not miss it, but you won’t even remember it.


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