Go Green and Help the Planet and Your Lungs

People often ask me why it is that I chose to use all environmentally safe products as opposed to off-the-shelf, conventional products when I founded UpperCrust Maids, LLC.

For me it was a simple choice. In a world where there are issues with global warming and ozone problems, I wanted to do my part to protect the environment as much as possible—and it was important to me to only expose my clients to products that are at a minimum, safer than the old ozone-destroying chemicals that people often use.

I truly wish that more people, especially those with young children, would buy into the eco-friendly movement that is taking hold. Look at the exerpt below, from an article I found recently:

Lisa Borden was at a loss over what to do about her newborn daughter’s eczema, which persisted despite several months of treatment with a prescribed ointment.

It was her father, a physician, who suggested that the skin condition might be an allergic reaction to a household detergent or chemical.

So Borden eliminated a strong cleanser she was using for the bathtub along with some other household chemicals. Within three days, she noticed a dramatic improvement in daughter Joey’s skin.

The experience opened Borden’s eyes. The marketing consultant has since become a strong proponent of reducing the use of toxic chemicals in favour of greener alternatives. Now she counsels some of her clients on how to keep their indoor air fresh. She sells the Eco-Me line of green products for the home, body and even pets.

“We’ve become too afraid of dirt and germs,” she says.

“Bacteria actually stick to chemicals. A clean dry surface without chemicals retards bacterial growth.

“You don’t realize how bad some chemicals are until you eliminate them. I suggest going without them for a week. Use a cloth and water instead.”

Borden does much of her household cleaning with an E-cloth, which is made of millions of tiny fibres that trap and absorb minute particles of dust and dirt. They’re washable and may be reused. They retail for about $8. (For GTA locations, see lyndhurstnaturals.com.)

The Ontario Lung Association suggests that, whenever possible, people should avoid using hazardous household chemicals, such as pesticides, air fresheners, aerosol sprays and cleaning agents. Concentrations of indoor air pollution can exceed outdoor levels greatly, because of the number of chemicals being used in the home, combined with poor ventilation.

Go HERE to read the remainder of the article.    

Have you ever wondered whether or not natural cleaning products clean as well as the conventional ones? The answer is yes—but you need to find the right ones. I experimented a great deal when I first opened this business. And now I believe I have the right disinfectants, all purpose cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, degreasers, etc. The only difference is, they are not bringing harm to my clients and they are not contributing to the destruction of the planet.

GO HERE to the FAQS section of my website to see the list of products UpperCrust Maids uses.


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