The Hygienic Bathroom


There are two areas of the home that must be clean at all times.

a. The bathroom

b. The kitchen

This particular post will concentrate solely on bathrooms and I’ll discuss kitchens in a separate post.

Although most people only have cleaning companies clean their homes on a biweekly (every other week) basis due to the expense, the truth of the matter is, bathrooms should be cleaned weekly, at least. That means that the home owner should not wait for the cleaning crew to return before ensuring that the bathroom is staying hygienic.

One positive thing about cleaning bathrooms is that the bathroom is actually one of the easiest rooms to clean. Tile and porcelain surfaces are generally easy to clean and maintain. And the show stall and tub must be cleaned after each use and also are generally easy to maintain.

Heavy Bathroom Use

Windows and mirrors


The bathroom is definitely the one room in the home that gets used often. And in bathrooms there are often water and toothpaste splashes on the mirror and countertops. There is often shaving cream dropped in various places, etc.

A spotty mirror or window can generally be cleaned with a vinegar-water solution or with any other window cleaner that you have in the house (hopefully you are using environmentally safe products). To make you own vinegar-water cleaning agent, mix 1/3 cup vinegar in a gallon of warm water. Pour some into a spray bottle. Use a cotton cloth or paper towl to clean the mirror or window.

Shower enclosures

Shower enclosures are more difficult to clean (which is why it’s good to have a cleaning company—but you also need to do your part):

Keep in mind that mildew can develop. Therefore, after each shower, wash out the shower stall or tub and remember to dry off the wall afterwards. Use a towel. Don’t walk away from a wet wall. Also, if you have had a mildew problem in the past, invest in a midew inhibitor as well as a disinfectant and use them after each shower. You also will need to leave your shower door slightly ajar to allow the air in there to circulate.

If you are wondering how to get your shower doors clean, go back to your vinegar-water solution. That works extremely well.

Beware of shower curtains! They also are subject to mildew. Wash them regularly and spray them with a disinfectant. Regarding bath mats, throw them into the washing machine regularly and replace them at least every 6 months.


There are many natural toilet bowl cleaners out there and I recommend you search out and use environmentally safe cleaners for your toilet. Put on rubber gloves prior to working with the toilet.

I have noticed that many of the homes my company services does not have a toilet brush. If you don’t own a toilet brush, please invest in one. The bowl should be thoroughly cleaned at least once per week. If you don’t like to keep used toilet brushes in your bathroom, invest in some disposable toilet brushes. The top of the toilet can be cleaned with any disinfectant, but invest in some natural ones. Natural cleaning agents are much easier to find now and are available in grocery stores.

Be sure to spot check the base of your toilet, on the right and left sides for urine stains—especially if there is a small boy living in the house.

Yes, most people dread cleaning bathrooms but it’s necessary for the health and safety of your family. If you would do the base level cleaning, remember that UpperCrust Maids, LLC will do the thorough cleaning that the bathroom requires! Get on schedule by calling us at 301-322-7112.


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