Journalist Josh Freed Proud of Cluttered Lifestyle

Journalist and author, Josh Freed [pictured above on the right] is so proud of his cluttered lifestyle that he has produced a documentary about it. Check this out:

As a boy, Josh Freed was scolded by teachers for his constant mess. They warned he wouldn’t succeed in life unless he changed.

Once in the workforce, Freed was hassled by bosses and co-workers who refused to accept the trail of paper that always followed closely behind him.

But this award-winning journalist, author, filmmaker and self-confessed mess-expert’s day has come.

“My Messy Life,” an original documentary directed by and starring Freed himself, takes a light-hearted look at clutter in a symbolic act of defiance against what Freed calls the “tyranny of the tidy.”

In the film, Freed turns the cameras on his home office, which he aptly calls his “messterpiece.”

Aside from his chair, not a single surface is visible in Freed’s office. Notes plaster walls, bins cover the floor and stacks of paper, files and books consume the desk.

“I can’t work in ultra neat spaces,” Freed told “My brain goes static.”

But it wasn’t easy for Freed to come out of the closet with his mess.

In 2005, Freed was invited to speak at IdeaCity, a conference in Toronto designed to showcase the city’s most prolific minds. During the conference, Freed took a leap of faith and showed the crowd of movers and shakers his chaotic office, explaining how it was the key to his success.

Freed soon learned he wasn’t alone. Many of the artists, politicians and academics he met shared his dirty little secret.

The hour-long documentary features the unkempt quarters of other notable figures such as Canada’s former justice minister Irwin Cotler, Internet guru Esther Dyson, and television mainstay Joe Franklin.  GO HERE to read remainder of article

Note about UpperCrustMaids’ Policy on Cluttered HomesBecause of how exceptionally difficult and time consuming cluttered homes are to clean—we do charge more to clean such homes. Note also that we don’t accept all cluttered homes that we see. We generally will accept a mild to moderately cluttered home but will turn down extremely cluttered homes. Cluttered homes do require a minimum of two cleaning technicians, which pushes up the cost to clean them.

VIDEO about Josh Freed

News Story about Josh Freed


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