Choosing the “Right Fit” for Your Cleaning Service Needs

By:  Cathy Green, Owner (UpperCrustMaids, LLC)

One thing I never do is pressure people to hire my company to handle their cleaning needs and I will tell you the reasons:

a. House cleaning is a very “intimate” process – When cleaners go into a home, they learn things about the homeowner that they have to keep to themselves and not make judgments about(in a professional company). They learn whether or not the clients are generally neat or untidy. In some cases, they see the client’s medications. Personal, personal things are entrusted to house cleaning companies.

b. House cleaning requires a high level of trust – Most people having their homes cleaned eventually turn over a key and/or security code. Doing so requires an exceptionally high level of trust. Even in cases where no key or code is turned over, the client is still entrusting the cleaning company to one of their most prized possessions—their home. My advice to people is to only hire a cleaning company whose owner you trust. If you trust the owner, then you can trust that the owner would only hire trustworthy employees. And you can trust that if there is a problem, you can pick up the phone and call the owner to get things straight.

I could go on and on. However, the long and short of it is that just because a cleaning company does a great job does not mean you should hire that company. There must be a good “fit” for the relationship to work out.

Personally, I have been known to steer potential clients away from my company. I do so when I sense by talking to the home owner that they have expectations that are unrealisic for this company or if I sense something that I cannot quite put my finger on. In such cases, I will happily give them the email address, website address and phone number of another local company that specializes in green cleaning.

I only want clients who are satisfied and let’s be honest. House cleaning is a serious expense. No way would I feel comfortable taking money regularly from a dissatisfied client. So if a client is constantly complaining and no matter what we do, we cannot work things out, I will ask that client to move to a company where they are satisfied. The goal is for the client to find the ” right fit”.

Finding the  Right Fit

As a potential client of a cleaning service, it’s great to ask for referrals from friends. But we all have different standards and personalities so keep in mind that although your friend may have been happy with a particular cleaning company, you may not be.

Another way to find a good cleaning company is to determine what type of company you desire.

a.  Companies that use conventional products

b.  Companies that use natural/green products

c.  No preference

  Call a minimum of three companies. Speak directly with an owner. Get a feel for his/her personality. Meet with the person directly for an in-home estimate. Is there a comfort level there? If you have a problem, would you feel comfortable calling the owner for help? All of this is important.

Don’t forget to ask the owner whether or not the employees in the company speak English. Keep in mind that there will be times when you need to ask a question, give a reminder or make a general comment. If the cleaning technician is unable to comprehend what you are saying, you may eventually grow frustrated. Communication is important.  Note that UpperCrust Maids, LLC employs English speaking cleaning technicians.

No such thing as “perfect”

I’ll end with this. Is there a perfect cleaning company out there? Absolutely not. Will you be satisfied with every room and and every process 100% of the time your cleaners come to your home? I doubt it. You will find an occasional dust bunny that was missed or a smudge here or there—and that’s with any company.

The cleaning technicians at UpperCrust Maids, LLC are terrific, well trained and honest. But our cleaners are imperfect. They make mistakes. They miss things, forget things. We are not in search of clients who are in search of “perfect” cleaning companies. We are in search of clients who are in search of a cleaning company that hires employees who care about their needs and about their homes.

It goes without saying that you can always give UpperCrust Maids, LLC a ring at 301-322-7112 and we will gladly schedule an in home estimate. Never know, we may very well be the “right fit” for you!


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