Unregistered House Cleaner Brags About Not Being Insured

Below is an actual post that I saw on a public forum:

I love running my own business. No insurance, no taxes, no supplies…just me & whoever I can find. When I price them too low, I start giving them less time. When I find someone who will pay more I take that job, and stop going to the cheapskates. Just act real nice and your customers will take care of you. They are afraid that they might come off as arrogant. Once you got this, you can do just about anything at that house.

Posted by Maria on 12:30 PM May 07, 2008

That is a real letter from someone referring to herself as “Maria”. She posted it to an open forum on May 7th, 2008.

Let’s look at her letter, inch by inch:

a. “No insurance, no taxes, no supplies…just me and whoever I can find”

Maria repesents a huge number of fly-by-night scabs who slip into the homes of people who are trying to save a few bucks. Maria brags that she has no insurance. That means, of course, that if she break something or steals something, the homeowner will have no recourse.  And because she has no Workers Comp insurance, she can sue the homeowner if she gets hurt in their home.

Then Maria brags about not paying taxes. That means that she requires cash only payments from her clients so there will be no paper trail. And it’s possible that she is in this country illegally.  Finally, Maria boasts about having no supplies or equipment. That means that she uses whatever the homeowners have in their homes.

The scariest part of what Maria said is that she brings along “whoever” she can find. That means that a rapist, murderer or thief could be walking around in her clients’ homes under the guise of “cleaning”.

b. “When I find someone who will pay more, I take that job and stop going to the cheapskates.”

Interesting. She is not dependable, does not care about those who are paying her, and pretty much is admitting that she will leave her customers high and dry.

I’ll repeat a third time. This is a real letter from a real scab service. It frightens me to think that people are actually paying money to allow these scary people into their homes.

Sure, hiring Maria will save money because Maria will charge half of what a real cleaning company will charge. A real cleaning company may charge $250 to deep clean an 1,800 square foot home, whereas Maria may charge $100 or less for the same job. A real cleaning company may charge $85 every two weeks to clean an apartment, whereas Maria will charge $45 or less for the same job.

But what good is it to pay even a penny to an unqualified person who is not legally in business—who will bring criminals into the home and use all the client’s products? Why would anyone risk being sued by Maria if she gets hurt in their home? Why would anyone risk having their property stolen by Maria and/or her pals? Or why would anyone risk…

…You get the picture.

Are you searching for a real cleaning company? Pick up the phone and call UpperCrust Maids, LLC.   Dial 301-322-7112. Yes, I will charge you more than Maria would ever dream of charging…but I’m truly in business and Maria is a scam artist!

By the way, if you don’t believe that’s a real letter, PRESS HERE and look in the “comments” section.


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