The Beautiful Shaggy Rug


    Are you a shaggy rug person? If so, who can blame you. Shaggy rugs are beautiful, soft, luxurious, and classy. However, they tend to shed. As a homeowner, if you choose to have shaggy rugs in your home, be aware of the fact that they have the same effect on a home as having a long haired cat. They shed and you will constantly have balls of fur floating through the air and settling in various places throughout your home. 

Of course having a cleaning company take care of your rugs is the ideal. But you also need to know how to care for your rugs. Below is some advice:

Caring for your shag area rug properly can extend its usable life indefinitely. Typical maintenance can include regular cleaning with a vacuum and occasional cleaning with a steam machine. Using your vacuum on a regular basis is important with shag area rugs because the vacuum picks up particles that can damage the carpet fibers. As well as reducing the level of dirt caught under the fibers, vacuuming helps to keep up the look of the shag area rug. It is essential to vacuum at least once a week. You should vacuum twice per week in areas that have heavy foot traffic.

Additionally, it is important to keep your vacuum in good working order to maintain a higher level of clean. Because the vacuuming can only catch surface dirt, your shag area rug may need another method of cleaning periodically. A wet cleaner, like a steam machine, is best to remove deep carpet soil like oil or grease. This can be done through a small rental machine or through a professional service. The level of frequency you complete this type of cleaning depends on the shag area rug you have purchased. For most, though, you should complete a deep cleaning every one to two years. Shag area rugs are a nice addition to any home with the proper care.



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