Give the Gift of a Clean Home to Your Expectant Friend or Family Member!

    UpperCrust Maids, LLC had the pleasure today of cleaning the home of a new mother. She had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl and she was still in the hospital at the time that we went into the home.

Her husband was there to greet the team of cleaners and he talked about how happy he was that the home would be fresh and clean when his wife and new baby came home.

It’s a good thing that they had planned for us to go out because the home was dusty and the last thing a new baby needs is to breathe in a huge amount of dust. 

What I really like is that we use environmentally friendly products, which clean just as well as conventional products—yet, won’t destroy your lungs and the environment.

Do you have a wife, family member, friend or loved one who is expecting a new baby? Trust me when I say that a great and unique baby shower gift for her would be the gift of a free house cleaning. We charge by the hour for regular cleanings but offer flat rates for special cleanings such as cleaning for shower gifts. Keep in mind that you can go in with a group of friends and share in the cost!

Call us TODAY about baby shower gift certificates. Trust me, the expectant mother will truly appreciate you!


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