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Living in a Dirty Home

The house in the picture above represents any number of things:

a.  The room may belong to a hoarder

b.  The room may belong to someone too lazy to clean

c.  The room may belong to a person who is depressed

Whatever the issue, the person who owns such a room is out of control in some way and that state manifests itself in the condition of the house.  Our homes are our sanctuary and can very well affect our mood and ability to think! It’s difficult to function in a pig pen.

Regardless of the reason, there are rooms like the one above in more homes than you would imagine. And that would include homes in all types of neighborhoods and economic situations.

At UpperCrustMaids, LLC, we actually have encountered such homes. We have received frantic phone calls and emails from people who desire a clean home but for any number of reasons, cannot bring themselves to clean their own home and are searching for help.

In some cases, we are able to clean the homes over a period of time.  And in other cases, we advise the person to first hire a clutter specialist to help them to sort out and throw things away…and we tell them that we could come in afterwards.

My advice to people who have homes that look similar to the room above is to first rule out depression and the compulsive condition called “hoarding” because those conditions require psychological counseling, possibly medication…and then help from a cleaning company.

However, if a person determines that the reason for their home being in that condition is attributable to laziness, lack of time to clean, or just a natural proclivity towards sloppiness, UpperCrust Maids, LLC would be willing to step in and help. 

Note that we will ONLY take on such a client for ongoing service if the person agrees to weekly cleanings.  We have learned that people who will not clean will allow their homes to revert all the way back to its original condition and two weeks is a long time to go without having a professional cleaning company come in. 

So…if you are reading this blog and you know in your heart that you have no intentions of cleaning your own home and that you don’t even own cleaning products and/or equipment, give us a call. Note that we won’t be able to get it clean in one session. It may take 4 sessions, all charged at our “deep cleaning” rate.

Afterwards, we would take on the client, but ONLY as a once per week client. We will not take on such a client for biweekly or monthly service.

Give us a call and we will work with you.  301-322-7112…

Because we want your home to look like THIS:

Articles about the dangers of living in an abnormally cluttered home:





Fake “House Cleaner” Robs House of $40,000 in Jewelry

A serious tragedy occurred in Florida recently. A man hired a woman from Craig’s List who claimed to specialize in “nude cleaning”. It just so happens that the man’s wife was out of town (of course) when the man chose to bring the so called nude cleaner into his home.

He claimed that he left her alone in his bedroom to clean. What happened was that she stole $40,000 worth of his wife’s jewelry—and the man’s wife is going to divorce him.

Please note the following:

a. Anyone can post a note to an open list and claim to be a cleaning service, but why would a person allow such an individual into their home?

b. Be veeeeeery cautious about who you allow into your home, as your home truly is your sanctuary.

Look for the following when choosing a maid service:

Interview the person over the phone and ask the following questions:

a. How long have you been in business?

b. Is your company insured?

***If the person says “yes”, ask the following:

c. What types of insurance do you have?

The person SHOULD respond as follows:

Liability insurance, bonding insurance and Workers Comp insurance

IF the person does not name those three, thank them for their time, hang up, and move on. Be careful not to ask a “yes/no” question about insurance (such as “do you have liability insurance…”) because doing so will simply cause them to answer yes. If you ask the question in an open ended manner, you will get a more honest response.

The reason the potential cleaning company must have the three insurance types above is as follows:


– Protects the home owner’s expensive property in cases where that property was damaged or broken. 


– This protects you in case someone steals from your home. You would first have to take the case to court, to prove the person guilty. If found guilty, you win a judgment.

    Workers Comp

– Every legitimate cleaning company should carry this type of insurance to cover them in case of serious injury in a home.  Without it, if  a cleaning tech is injured in your home, they can sue you personally.

Next, you should ask about the types of products that the company uses. Ask whether or not their employees have passed background checks. Ask whether or not there is a website you can visit. Look for a track record of competence. Ensure it’s a real cleaning company, as opposed to a scab service entering your home.

Fortunately for you, you have found UpperCrust Maids, LLC. Yes, we have liability, bonding and Workers Comp insurance. Yes, our employees have passed background checks. We use environmentally friendly products. We have a website and blog.

We have a positive track record and are highly rated on Angie’s List, a consumer list for people searching out reputable companies.

Give us a call today and we will schedule a time to do an in home estimate for you! 301-322-7112

Cluttered Spaces Can Take Over Your Life

   I went to visit a home recently for an estimate and noticed two things:

1.  The place had great potential

2.  The place was so cluttered that the owner had resorted to using her floor for storage space

Never allow your home to overtake you. Your home is a place that should offer you beauty and peace after a hard day’s work.

Declutter often and don’t be afraid to throw away things that you are not using.

Also, don’t store grocery bags.  Put them out to recycle or…throw them away. Something as simple as a grocery bag collection can and will add clutter to your life and space.

Click HERE for more information about decluttering