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In the Cleaning Industry, Quality Is Priceless

I recently offered a quote to a man who indicated that he has a home that’s about 2,500 square feet. The quote was definitely comparable and maybe even a little less than other legitimate cleaning companies in the area.

In response, the home owner sent me the following note:

My wife and I believe we have found someone to perform our request at a more modest rate. We do not require a deep cleaning. Normally our house is pretty much clean all the time. However, we just need someone to maintain that same level of cleanliness.

The sentiment stated above is definitely not unusual. There are several things in his letter that I want to point out:

a. “We have found someone…”

Note that the man said that he has found “someone”. He did not say that he found a company but he found someone. Actually, that’s easy to do. Finding a “someone” to clean a home is quite easy. But finding a legitimate company that is insured and bonded is a horse of another color, indeed.

I assure you that the “someone” that this man and his wife found is a “trunk slammer”, a scab, who has agreed to “clean” his home for $35 or $40 every two weeks or once per month. If she gets hurt in his home, she will sue him because I guarantee you she is not insured and someone has to pay the bill. If something of value turns up missing, he and his wife will have to take the loss because I am positive she does not have bonding insurance.

b. “…to perform our request at a more modest rate”

Many people do not understand the back breaking labor and time that goes into thoroughly cleaning a home. A good cleaning company, such as UpperCrustMaids, LLC, will train its employees to clean the baseboards, the light fixtures, the windows, the vents, the glass…get the dust bunnies, dust and polish, wipe dirt from walls where possible, scrub, etc.

Trust me when I say that the duties above take time and energy. And that is why it is not a cheap service.

Do people complain when a plumber or electrician or computer tech hands them a $200 – $300 bill for 15 minutes of work? Usually, no. Yet, when a cleaning company charges for their labor, some people don’t want to pay. They’d rather hire someone off the street to do the work for peanuts.

c. “Normally our house is pretty clean”

Yes, I’ve heard that one before. What a cleaning company views as clean compared to what a regular citizen views as clean are totally different. Dusty baseboards and dust bunnies all over the place is not my idea of clean. Fingerprints all over the furniture is not my idea of clean. Yet, many view that as clean.

d. “We just need to maintain that same level of cleanliness”

Hmmmmm….and there’s the rub. What exactly is the level of cleanliness to which he refers? The reason that UpperCrustMaids, LLC will not take on a client for “maintenance” cleaning unless we personally have done the initial deep cleaning ourselves is because we know that the average home owner is not going to clean a house to a professional standard. And again, what they view as clean is not what a professional service agrees is clean.

My advice stands. Hire a professional cleaning company that has worker’s comp and liability insurance, as well as bonding insurance. Avoid the scabs and trunk slammers. Yes, it will cost you a little more, but you know what? The old adage, “You get what you pay for” still holds true!


Going Green in the Kitchen

For some excellent tips, PRESS HERE and check out this interesting video.  There are so many ways to go green, to use products that are friendly to our environment.  Let’s all do our share to protect our environment for future generations.