House Cleaning: We Get What We Pay For

I spoke recently to a woman who lives in a 3,513 square foot home. If you are not really familiar with sqare feet, trust me when I say that that’s a huge home. The woman had called me because she wanted to know my company’s house cleaning prices.

After I gave her an estimate, she exclaimed, “I’d never pay that much!” And she went on to explain that she had been using a woman (who is now in the hospital ill) who cleaned her home every two weeks for about $30 each visit.

I inquired as to whether or not the woman was insured, bonded or even registered as a business in her state. The woman told me “no”. It was at that point that I explained to her that the reason the woman is able to charge her dirt cheap prices is because:

a. The woman is charging cash and paying no taxes

b. The woman is not a real cleaning business

c. If the woman ever gets hurt in her home, she has no insurance, and will sue the home owner

d. If the woman ever breaks an expensive item in the home, she will have no way of replacing it because again, she has no insurance to cover such things

In short, I wanted the woman to know that no authentic cleaning service would clean a 3,513 square foot mini-mansion for $30. And in fact, it is next to impossible for a woman to clean such a huge home alone. I am 100% positive that no “deep” cleaning of that home has ever taken place. The cleaner more than likely enters the home, vacuums, mops, dusts a few itemsĀ and leaves with her $30 cash.

On the surface, the home appears clean. In actuality, it’s just as dirty as it always has been. Deep cleaning includes so much more than a simple quick vacuuming and dusting.

If you are thinking of hiring a cheap, off the street cleaning person, think twice. It actually is dangerous. Check the story below:

A registered sex offender was arrested after a Mesa home was robbed during a house-cleaning Wednesday, police said.

The home was recently purchased and being cleaned before the homebuyer, Bart Passey, completely moved in this weekend.

About $3,700 worth of property was taken from the home, Mesa police said.

It’s pretty scary, Passey said of the incident. He said the cleaners were found by the previous homeowner on the Internet using craigslist.

Daniel Roman, 45, of Phoenix was arrested Wednesday evening after he was found to be in the possession of stolen goods from the home, police said. Roman has been convicted numerous times, including for rape and armed robbery.

The cleaners, which included Roman, his wife and granddaughter, arrived at the North Raven Avenue home at 3 p.m. Wednesday, police said. They entered the home through the garage using the keypad, Passey said.

The previous homeowner received a phone call about 5:30 p.m. from the cleaners asking to be paid in cash at a different location, police said. The person was suspicious of the demand and asked Passey to check on the home, police said.

Passey found some items were missing, including two guns and a laptop computer. He said he also found items moved outside, including two other guns.

They were trying to stage a backyard scene, said Passey, who called police.

Authorities arrived at the payment location and questioned Roman. Police said he told them he stole the goods and that they were inside his vehicle.

He was caught red-handed, Passey said.

Roman faces three Class 4 felonies, including a theft charge and two charges of misconduct with a weapon, police said.




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