Hiring a REAL Cleaning Business vs. a Scab Service

Are you thinking about hiring a service to clean your home or business? If so, you need to be forewarned that there are some “scabs” out there trying to earn your business.

The scabs are cheap. They require you to pay them in cash so the IRS will not be aware of them. They are not trained. And if anything happens to them while in your home, they will sue you for damages. Warning: DO NOT HIRE A SCAB cleaner. Pay a few extra bucks and hire a real cleaning service.

Let’s cut to the chase here. No business worth its salt is easy to open, if in fact it is opened correctly. Also, I cannot think of any businesses that can be started with no investment. The “scab” services are not real businesses, which opens you up to all types of liability.

Below are some of the things one would need to have done to qualify as a real cleaning business as opposed to scab business. Check out the differences in the two:

Real Businesses…

Choose and register a business name

Scab services are not registered in their state because they want to stay under the radar

Register for an EIN number – This is a nine digit number from the IRS which acknowledges a company as a real business

Scab services have never heard of an EIN number, much less applied for one!

Have met with an accountant or attorney for business advice and have been advised regarding business structure—LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, etc.

Scab entities do not think that far into the future

Have websites developed which outline details about their business

Scab services cannot afford websites

Market/advertise their company to get the word out there that they exist

Scab services would not dream of advertising in a paper, magazine or postcard. They would rather gain your business via word of mouth or via a home-made ad that they stick on doors or mailboxes

Have liability , bonding and workman’s compensation insurance

Scab services cannot afford any insurance and if they get hurt in your home or break something in your home, you would be responsible!

Use high quality products and supply the products and equipment themselves

Scab services use your products and equipment

Have safes to store your keys, and will use a key code for your protection

Scab services will throw you key into a drawer or elsewhere and attach your name and address to the key, endangering your safety

You have seen the comparison between a real cleaning company and a scabber who is only interested in earning a tax free buck at your safety and expense.

This is a no-brainer. Hire UpperCrust maids—a REAL cleaning compay with highly trained cleaning techs. we live up to our motto: White glove service on us!

TWO ways to reach us:

phone:  301-322-7112

website: www.uppercrustmaids.com


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