Why Only Work With Reputable Cleaning Companies?

Have you ever come home to find a home-made advertisement in your door from house cleaners? Many have.

If you have ever responded to such a circular, what you probably found was the following:

1. The cell phone number that you called may or may not actually belong to the person whose name is on the advertisement.

2. The people who created the advertisement may or may not be in this country legally.

Now, if you were enticed by their low cleaning rates that they quoted in the circular and they came to your come, you probably noticed the following:

1. They wore no uniforms.

2. They followed no particular, organized manner by which they cleaned your home.

There are numerous dangers attached to hiring the fly-by-night house cleaners to work in your home:

They are not insured – If someone comes into your home who is not insured, it means that the person is working for him or herself, “off the books” and is not paying any taxes. The person has not registered their “business” in their state and therefore, no one knows that they are out there working and collecting money.

What does being insured mean? In short, being insured means that if such a person breaks any of your belongings, there is a reputable insurance company standing behind the business for whom the person works who can cover the loss. A good insurance policy is not cheap and those fly-by-night “maids” cannot afford insurance, trust me. Common sense would dictate that if they cannot afford insurance, they also cannot afford to personally replace or pay you for any item they may break in your home.

They are not bonded – Reputable cleaning companies are bonded. What that means is that if an employee goes into your home and—God forbid, steals something and is convicted of the theft, a bonding policy is there to reimburse you for your loss.

Use of inferior products

If you look closely at the products used by the fly-by-night maids, you will find that much of it is junk that they probably purchased from a dollar store.

When you work with a real cleaning company that is bonded and insured, you at least have the advantage of knowing that at a minimum, they are a real business. A real cleaning business will put thought and care into choosing the cleaning products to bring into your home. A real cleaning business will train its employees on the proper use of each cleaning product and machine that they take into your home.

At UpperCrust Maids, we use only environmentally friendly products. Yes, they cost a little more, but when it comes to the health of our clients, it’s worth it to pay a higher price. In addition, our friendly staff are bonded and insured for your protection and they have had background checks.

Whether you use our service or someone else’s, please, for the sake of your family’s safety, only use reputable cleaning companies who are bonded and insured!

Two ways to reach us:

Phone:  301-322-7112

website for more details:  www.uppercrustmaids.com


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