Entry Level Cleaning Positions



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Minimum education: High school Job: Full time maidAlthough many look down on the service industry, as though it is somehow shameful to offer services such as cleaning to make the lives of others a little easier, we see things quite differently here at UpperCrust Maids. We view the service industry as a very rewarding way to make a living.

At UpperCrust Maids, we are looking for career minded people who are interested in helping others to keep their homes and/or offices clean and pleasant smelling. One thing that definitely brings a smile to peoples’ faces is coming home to a clean, pleasant smelling residence.

What do we offer?* Full time, five days per week employment

* Reasonable work hours, from 8am – 5pm (30 minutes lunch and two 15 minute breaks included), no weekends!

* On the job training, workshops, and a pleasant work environment

* Gas allowance

* We supply your work tee shirts and cleaning aprons

* We supply you with all cleaning products and equipment

* Career growth potential within our company

If interested, you must meet the following criteria* Must be in good physical shape

– Able to lift at least 35 pounds

– Able to work a full day, five days per week

– Able to bend, lift, twist and engage in minimal climbing (step stool or step ladder)

* Must own a car and have a valid driver’s license (you’ll receive a weekly gas allowance)

* Must have a clean driving record (no drunk driving arrests)

* Must have valid car insurance and be able to offer proof of insurance

* Professional – We need someone who is able to stay focused on the job to be completed while maintaining a pleasant demeanor when conversing with clients.

* Must be able to pass a background check and submit to a drug test

* Must be able to provide proper identification (Driver’s license + one other form of I.D.)

Email us your address and we’ll send you a job application: UpperCrustMaids@gmail.com


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